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Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies For The Holiday Season

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for ways to increase your commission? Or are you unfamiliar with the idea of affiliate marketing which means you are still missing an opportunity to easily make money online? If so, this article is a must-read for you since today we are going to discuss the best affiliate marketing strategies for you to maximize your profit!

Well, the autumn is coming. What does this mean for affiliate marketers and other people who want to make money online? Right, that’s all about the holiday season!

These are exactly the holiday seasons when affiliate marketers can easily count on significantly higher earnings. You might ask, how is this possible? In fact, there is nothing challenging about it. However, if you are eager to maximize your profit, you should know the right affiliate marketing strategies.

Well, would you like to learn more about the best affiliate marketing strategies to get the highest commission? So stay tuned!

When this is a high time for an affiliate marketer to increase commissions?

a picture that shows that you should think of affiliate marketing strategies during holiday season

We have already mentioned that holiday seasons hold an enormous potential for both ecommerce entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

Just think about it yourself: holiday seasons are always characterized by the intense activity of both online and offline shoppers. And this is pretty logical since most of us are fond of buying gifts in order to make our family members, relatives, friends, and coworkers happy. Aren’t you? In some countries, this is even a traditional norm!

Hence, we can observe impressive statistics on the holiday season over the past year. Just take a look and reach conclusions yourself.

  • Holiday season retail ecommerce sales are over $135 billion
  • Mobile retail ecommerce sales during the holiday seasons are over $60 billion
  • Annual growth of holiday season retail ecommerce sales is about 13% and rising

Seems impressive, doesn’t it? Moreover, it’s about the US only!

Best affiliate marketing strategies: what should you focus on?

an image showing the best affiliate marketing strategies to follow

In fact, there are lots of ways for you as an affiliate marketer to generate leads and increase commission. Here are the ones that, we believe, proved to be the most efficient!

Tip #1: Use blogs

Well, what do you think, how people look for gift ideas, learn about discounts and special offers? Right, they learn about that on the Internet! So why don’t you benefit from this?

The first tip is extremely simple – use blogs. Seriously, use blogs! In practice, this is one of the most affordable, meanwhile, efficient tools for lead generation and therefore earnings growth.

In fact, you can easily count on several benefits if you start to use blogs actively. And this is at minimal cost! Consider this yourself: unlike the paid ad campaigns on Facebook and so on, blogging can be absolutely free-of-charge for you. What’s more, you don’t need to spend lots of time on it. According to the statistics, one article per week is enough to succeed.

How to use blogs right? This is very easy!

  • Discuss what you’re promoting
  • Explain why you’re promoting this
  • Consider SEO
  • Share your posts on social media

Tip #2: Employ email marketing

If speaking about affiliate marketing strategies, are there any other powerful tools for lead generation and commission growth? So it’s high time to pay attention to email marketing!

Along with other marketing tools, email marketing proved to be extremely efficient in ecommerce. Just imagine that there are about 3 billion email users in the world! So why don’t you gain from this?

Well, if you want to make the most of email marketing, here are some tips for you.

  • You need to send a holiday email at least a week in advance
  • If you have a broad email database, you can use email marketing platforms to save your time
  • Put a coupon at the end of email

Tip #3: Use SMM wisely

SMM is also one of the most powerful channels of generating leads and increasing your affiliate commission. However, when we recommend that you use SMM, it doesn’t mean you need to create accounts in social networks and that’s it. SMM is something greater.

So the cardinal rule of SMM is to be active online. Just imagine that 41-78% of European citizens were going to do holiday shopping online last year. And overall holiday season retail ecommerce sales amounted to more than $130 billion. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

So how to be active online? In fact, there is nothing challenging about it. You should post content, leave comments, etc. So do everything necessary to expand the number of your followers. And later, it won’t you who will work for your social media accounts, but social media accounts who will work for you!

As we have already mentioned, it’s not difficult to manage your social networks accounts. However, you will need to spend some time on it. And since SMM is not the only aspect you should focus on, we would recommend that you consider using software for SMM automation.

What software to choose? Well, pay attention to Social Rabbit. It lets you put SMM on autopilot. Meantime, it will look like a whole team of experienced professionals work on your social networks.

Tip #4: Run giveaways

So why should an affiliate marketer run giveaways? Is it true that this affiliate marketing strategy can help you generate leads and increase your affiliate commission? Let’s figure that out.

Well, many people believe that running contests is disadvantageous since you need to spend your time, effort, and, most importantly, money on it. However, this is not right actually. Here is why:

  • First of all, if you want to run a giveaway, all you need is to think of its conditions (follow your social media accounts, leave a comment, share a post with friends, etc.) and ensure an award.
  • Beyond this, you don’t need to spend $1 million on this. It’s a great idea to choose a prize from the products and services you are promoting. And don’t forget to involve the merchant in this process. In that case, it will look more authentic. Moreover, it will not affect your budget.

So run giveaways, inform your followers about this, increase your client base, etc. This is really one of the most powerful affiliate marketing strategies to increase your earnings.

Tip #5: Offer discounts

And now let’s discuss the tip of the iceberg. How to convince your audience to make a purchase? Right, one of the most effective measures is suggesting a coupon or promo code. It really works!

Actually, lots of companies launch sales during holidays. And AliDropship is not the exception. For example, we are always ready to provide you with large discounts on dropshipping stores, dropshipping automation systems, and marketing services. So it remains for you only to monitor the emails!

Meantime, if you want to offer something unique, you can contact the Affiliate team at any time and ask for a coupon with a special name. In that case, your followers are highly unlikely to lose it!

How can you benefit from the AliDropship Affiliate Marketing Program?

a picture showing the benefits of AliDropship Affiliate Program

To date, lots of companies offer their affiliate programs. All of them are absolutely different. Some of them are more attractive and vice versa. One company can offer a higher commission, the other has a product that is extremely popular on the market so it won’t take lots of effort to promote it, etc.

How to choose the affiliate program to deal with? Well, you can do it by means of trial and error. However, from our part, we can recommend the AliDropship Affiliate Program!

Why is it so great? So pay attention to these very aspects we guarantee:

  • 100% commission on subscription-based services such as Premium Products and Sellika
  • 50% commission on AliDropship Plugin, Premium Stores, AliDropship themes, AliDropship Import packages, and Social Rabbit Plugin
  • 30% commission on Custom and Supreme stores, AliDropship add-ons

It means you can make up to $869 from a single sale!

In practice, these are the conditions not every company can offer. So the choice is yours. What we believe we should do is to ensure an opportunity to get an easy start, dedicated support, and high commissions. That’s exactly what we are ready to provide you with!

Affiliate marketing strategies: summing it up

a picture showing what affiliate program to choose

Well, let’s summarize it.

If you are looking for the most efficient affiliate marketing strategies to generate leads and increase your earnings, we would recommend you take the measures we have noticed above:

  • Use blogs
  • Employ email marketing
  • Use SMM
  • Run contests and giveaways
  • Offer discounts

These easy steps can let you significantly improve your affiliate performance and let you earn more.

Are you an affiliate newcomer or don’t you know that you’re able to make money online and get up to $869 commission from a single sale? If so, join the AliDropship Affiliate Program, promote AliDropship solutions, use these best affiliate marketing strategies, and benefit from that!

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Grow Your Email List With Our New Irresistible Lead Magnet!

Do you have any difficulties with lead generation? Are you looking for ways to grow your email list and win lots of potential customers? Meanwhile, do you want to make your online store stand out of the crowd? If so, consider Irresistible Lead Magnet from AliDropship!

What should entrepreneurs do if their online store can’t boast a huge number of sales? In fact, there are some paid and free ways to generate leads you can follow to improve your business performance.

But how to get several times more customers? How to grow your email list significantly in order to convert your website visitors into customers easily? Well, we have a solution for this purpose also: meet our new Irresistible Lead Magnet!

Attention: at the end of the article there is a bonus for you, so stay tuned.

How to boost your sales: growing your email list

It’s a common question for entrepreneurs: how to boost your sales?

Certainly, you can’t just buy an online store and leave it in a bid to bring you profit on its own. Despite the fact that this kind of business does not require lots of time to manage it, anyway, you need to do this. Otherwise, you can easily use the dropshipping automation software AliDropship has developed for you to benefit from.

But what should you do if you have already faced this question or decided to think this ahead? So one of the most efficient ways to boost your sales is to grow your email list.

If somebody is not familiar with email marketing, here is what it is.

Email marketing is the way of contacting your potential customers by means of email.

So growing your email means you should make more potential customers leave you their emails. In that case, you will be able to work with them further and make them buy something from you.

But are there any efficient ways to do this? In fact, there are!

How to grow your email list easily: Irresistible Lead Magnet

irresistible lead magnet

In practice, there are different ways you can make customers leave their emails. As a rule, dropshippers use a regular subscription form: you suggest your website visitors leave their emails in return for newsletters related to discounts, new arrivals, etc.

But how to make the right use of the subscription form? How to attract new visitors, make them leave their email, or even make an immediate purchase from your website? Are there any efficient solutions that can let you significantly increase your website traffic and brand awareness, and, on top of that, get several times more customers?

The answer is simple: consider using our new service – it’s Irresistible Lead Magnet!

What is it?

Well, what is our new service about and why is it so tempting? Let’s figure this out!

Irresistible Lead Magnet is a set of marketing tools and materials for you to promote your online store and boost your sales.

What do you get in case of ordering Irresistible Lead Magnet?

Well, let us enumerate what you will get in case of ordering Irresistible Lead Magnet:

  • 1 ebook

This is going to be an ebook designed for you individually. It aims at presenting the products you sell in an engaging way.

  • Set of advertising materials (1 pic, 1 text, and target audience)

Here we are speaking about ad materials you will use when promoting your online store. So we provide you with all the stuff that is necessary to run ads: image, text, and a detailed description of the audience you should target.

  • 1 pic for your pop-up (optional)

Our marketing experts will also prepare an image for your pop-up. In case you have already used our Lead Generation Pop-up, some extra job is not required. If you haven’t done this, we can offer you an option that implies the pop-up setup.

  • Ebook setup

Ebook is a perfect idea for your business, but how should you use it? Well, this is not a problem for you: our team will integrate it into your existing welcome follow-up or create a welcome email from the ground up.

  • Step-by-step guide

And here is the icing on the cake: if you order this service, you will also get a step-by-step guide on how to launch the ads so you will be able to do this yourselves later.

This is tempting, isn’t it? Beyond this, what if I tell you that Irresistible Lead Magnet is not just about these separate benefits, but this is a single mechanism aiming only at growing your email list and boosting your sales?

How does it work and what are the benefits of Irresistible Lead Magnet?

How does this work? In fact, there is absolutely nothing challenging about this or nothing to be worried about.


When you order Irresistible Lead Magnet, first of all, our team of marketers and designers do their best to create an ebook for your online store.

how to grow your email list

This ebook is unique and made for you personally.

Moreover, when creating it for you, we are going to ask you about the topic of your ebook, trending products you want to place in it, etc. Great, isn’t it? But there is more.

Your ebook won’t be annoyingly persistent: it will be done in an informative manner. Meantime, all of its pages will include your products. And what’s most important about it is that there will be ACTIVE LINKS to the product pages in your online store! Isn’t this great?

ebook for business

In practice, it looks good and efficient. That’s you really hit the spot, right?

And pay attention to the fact that at the end of your ebook we will also put a coupon that will encourage them to get through it all. That’s very simple, meantime, efficient.

Ad materials

Besides this, we will prepare for you an image and text for your ads.

ad campaign materials

What’s more, we are going to provide you with the detailed description of the audience you should target: age, sex, location, etc.

Meanwhile, it’s you who will choose where your ads lead to: homepage, category page, etc.


Then, we move to pop-up. So our specialists will either make a pop-up setup on your website, or create an image for it.

grow your email list

This pop-up will ask for a subscription in exchange for a discount. Furthermore, our marketers will do a welcome email that your new followers will receive after completing the subscription form.

BTW, we understand that you would like to make the most of this ebook for your business.That’s why we will provide you with this ebook in PDF so you can distribute it in your social media accounts, use for Lead Ads, etc.

How to get Irresistible Lead Magnet?

If you commended our new service and finally realized that it can dramatically improve your business performance, it’s high time for you to know how to get Irresistible Lead Magnet.

And there is nothing challenging about it: all you need to do is to go to Irresistible Lead Magnet page, choose the packages that suits you more, and click ‘ORDER NOW’.

If you need the detailed description of Irresistible Lead Magnet packages, just scroll the very page down. The service delivery time is 7 business days.

Irresistible Lead Magnet: final thoughts on growing your email list

grow your email list

Originally, this service was considered as an instrument that lets you grow your email list and subsequently increase the number of your potential customers you may feel free to work with later. As a result, you are supposed to get a substantial growth of sales.

But the statistics show that beyond the growth of your email list and sales, Irresistible Lead Magnet can significantly increase your brand awareness, incoming traffic, etc. And here is one of the most essential benefits for you as a business owner: you’re able to present your products to many users, welcome them to your store, and reap the benefits. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Well, aren’t you satisfied with your business performance? Do you want to grow your email list and boost your sales considerably? Are you worried about your brand awareness? SAY NO MORE! Try Irresistible Lead Magnet since it is designed to exceed your expectations. P.S. Use the ‘CLUB10’ coupon to get a 10% discount on this service.

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