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Some Entrepreneurs Make These Dropshipping Mistakes. What About You?

Running a dropshipping store is engaging and entertaining.

While bringing you an impressive profit, this business is relatively easy to manage – still, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing much to improve and enhance now and then!

If you browse the Web, you’ll see that it’s quite a common cry for help: “I just got a dropshipping store and I see no sales. What’s wrong?

What’s wrong, indeed? Let’s take a look at the most common dropshipping mistakes that store owners make. As a BONUS, we’ll give you simple action plans to help you fix them!

Dropshipping mistake #1: Doing nothing

Oh, that’s the easiest way out, right? It sounds really tempting to create or to buy an online store, and to simply wait until someone stumbles upon it, gets interested, and makes a purchase. Passive income, yay!

In the real world, it doesn’t always happen.

No promotion means no sales, and no sales means no profit.

If no money and effort is invested into the dropshipping store promotion, it will just stay there dead as a rock – a professionally developed, smoothly working, beautifully designed, but completely unused website that brings no income.

That’s exactly what happened to Alex – after he got a dropshipping store, he just put it aside. In a month, though, it became clear it’s time to start doing something. Trying an ever-changing mix of promotional techniques, he gained an impressive audience of loyal customers and, as the result, sold one of his stores for a breathtaking profit.

Your action plan: Read these real-life stories on what it takes to make the first online sale, and follow these tips to achieve your first sale faster. This list of free traffic sources that can drive more visitors on your website will be helpful, too!

Dropshipping mistake #2: Taking a too broad niche

To be honest, we’ve all been here. Choosing the perfect dropshipping niche is not easy at all.

Even the successful dropshippers who have a huge experience in the field definitely had troubles with the niche choice at some point of their business journey. The case of Mousslim is a shining example – even though his dropshipping business brings him dozens of thousands of dollars every month, his very first niche was a really bad choice. That’s why it’s vital to deeply know the niche and to be genuinely interested in it!

The saddest dropshipping mistake that can be made at this point is going for a VERY broad niche.

Let’s take ‘Clothes’, for example. If ‘Clothes’ is the niche AND the main keyword, the store owner is definitely going to have a bad time. No doubts, he (or she) will find thousands of matching items on AliExpress, and will gladly upload them on the website. Then what? What to do next?

From the point of view of SEO optimization, the ‘Clothes’ niche is hopeless. An extreme competition, a vague keyword – none of this is good for a webstore. Even carefully targeted Instagram ads won’t help much.

Your action plan: Take a look here to see how to work in the apparel niche, and use the same approach for any other niche you choose. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a deep niche research if you need expert assistance!

Dropshipping mistake #3: Having no knowledge about the target audience

Customers are the driving force of any online store growth.

That’s why it’s absolutely vital to know as much about them as possible! A familiar customer segment means a lot for the success of the whole business.

A serious dropshipping mistake that can be made on this stage is going with blind guesses.

It happens when dropshipping store owners don’t rely on any researches, statistical data from their own stores, or actual clients’ feedback. They have some general idea about the people who might want to buy from them, and they just don’t go any further.

It leads to absolutely weird marketing decisions. As a rule, such actions take lots of time, money, and energy, but bring little to no results.

Your action plan: Check out these 3 ways to identify your target audience, and apply them to your business. To make your promotional messages well-targeted at a proper audience, consider ordering video ads and ads packages for Facebook and Instagram that go together with recommended audience settings.

Dropshipping mistake#4: Choosing poor marketing tactics

If dropshipping store owners know nothing about their customers and don’t understand the market (this is why it’s so important to be passionate about the chosen niche!), strange things start happening.

  • Store is promoted to everyone. The marketer does nothing to narrow down the target audience and just goes through Web shouting about the store. Lots of time and energy (and money) goes into attracting the wrong people. They just don’t have the slightest relation to the store and show no interest towards the offers.
  • Ads are placed on unsuitable channels. The marketer makes no research and randomly promotes the offers through all the media imaginable. As you can guess, the efforts are mostly put into absolutely fruitless channels that bring no return.
  • Store is promoted through 1-2 channels only. The marketer relies on a few channels and uses them over and over again, not willing to try anything else. It’s good if these channels work well; but what if other ones work even better?
  • No tests are performed. To see if a new channel will be beneficial for a dropshipping store promotion, it is necessary to try it several times with different settings, different audience segments, and different product categories. If there are no tests, it’s impossible to say which channel works the best for specific audiences and items.

Your action plan: Use this monumental guide on how to promote your dropshipping store. If you need any professional assistance, there are lots of ways we can help you: look through the list of expert marketing services here.

Dropshipping mistake #5: Using no automatic promotion tools

There’s actually no wonder why dropshippers stick to a few randomly selected promotion channels and rarely use anything extra.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

Even if there is any interest towards the use of some new and awesome strategies and techniques, there simply might be no time for it.

Automated solutions can do the trick; the most useful of them, for example, automatically promote a store in social networks using the owner’s settings and preferences. Unfortunately, ecommerce entrepreneurs tend to overlook such solutions.

Your action plan: Watch this video explaining how to automate your social media marketing efforts without making you look like a spammer. Don’t forget to also check out this handy tutorial on auto-running your Instagram account!

Dropshipping mistake #6: Neglecting SEO

In our experience, there are some people who hardly ever pay attention to search engine optimization.

That’s really sad because SEO constantly works for a store in the long term! Even if the results don’t seem to be immediate, they accumulate over time.

Ideally, SEO should work for the benefit of the webstore since the very moment of the store launch.

In reality, it commonly turns out that store owners don’t even do a keyword research at the planning stage, to say nothing about further product pages optimization and so on.

Your action plan: Follow this SEO ecommerce checklist to see if your online store is properly optimized, and make sure you’re not making any of these critical SEO mistakes! If you assembled your store on your own, without any developers’ or marketers’ help, you might also want to check out this SEO Starter Pack.

Dropshipping mistake #7: Learning no lessons

And this is the most serious dropshipping mistake a store owner can make.

All of our first business steps are shaky – it’s impossible to be 100% confident about things we never tried before.

All the people who nowadays run highly profitable dropshipping stores had some difficulties throughout their way. It’s absolutely fine to have no knowledge about something; it’s not that fine to keep staying unaware of important things.

An awesome feature of dropshipping in particular is the possibility to learn from one’s experience and mistakes. There are tons of helpful ecommerce materials that are available for free, and this is an educational opportunity that you simply can’t miss out on.

Your action plan: Monitor your store performance, gather the clients’ feedback, take free courses, read guides, watch tutorials, attend webinars and exchange experience with other entrepreneurs – this is what helps you grow your business and prosper.

All the experiments, tests, trials and discoveries are the drivers of your online business growth. And you know what’s the best part? You’re not alone on your ecommerce journey 😉

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Dropship Stickers: How To Gain From Small Stuff

Are you looking for a stable source of high income? Don’t you believe it’s possible to build your financial empire with small stuff? If so, it’s high time for you to learn how to dropship stickers right and benefit from that!

If you are eager to start your own profitable business, but you don’t want to deal with something big or technically complex, it should be interesting for you to learn more how to dropship stickers and expand your business in order to get sufficient income.

And since there is a strong and stable demand for different stickers, we’ve decided to examine how to start and run a sticker dropshipping store backwards and forwards.

Today we are glad to tell you whether it’s profitable to dropship stickers, how to start such a dropshipping store right, what items to sell, etc. Beyond this, there is a bonus for you: we are going to provide you with the list of 80+ trending products to sell and get maximum benefit from your business!

So let’s get it started!

Is it profitable to dropship stickers?

Do you think that it’s impossible to make a fortune with some small things like stickers? Well, that’s not true!

In fact, there are lots of profitable niches to work with small stuff. And if you start dropshipping stickers, this is one of the most promising ideas for your business nowadays.

Don’t you believe it? Then, let’s check up what Google Trends can tell us about stickers and their popularity worldwide.

sticker search request

And Google Trends claims that the popularity of the ‘stickers’ search request is over the roof recently. Does this mean something to you?

Well, let’s go further. Here is one more advantage of stickers dropshipping. Actually, if we are looking for a profitable niche, we can find the one with some two or three hot products. And if we speak about stickers, this is a prime example of a product category with lots of trending items to sell.

Just try to choose stickers, sort the results by the number of orders, and voila. You will see that there are dozens of products with a large number of orders. In practice, not every niche can boast about this.

BTW, beyond this, there are some more significant pros of sticker dropshipping for you to benefit from!

  • It’s almost impossible to damage stickers in transit since we are speaking about adhesive paper
  • You can easily bring the average order value in case you group the products in the right way
  • You have an opportunity to sell not only stickers with pre-set patterns, but also let your customers create unique designs and print exclusive stickers

Actually, there’s more. And it’s already clear that it’s an extremely promising idea to dropship stickers, isn’t it?

How to start dropshipping stickers?

Okay, if you’re eager to start dropshipping stickers, you need to know how to do this right and get the maximum benefit from this business.


First of all, you should note that there are different kinds of stickers. On the market, there are wall stickers, decorative post-its, motorcycle stickers, protective shields, etc. And nothing can make you focus on just one particular type only.

What’s more, we have already mentioned that you have an opportunity not only to sell pre-set stickers, but also let your customers create post-its with unique designs! Cool, isn’t it?

It means it’s a bid for a larger target audience. In practice, in this case you are going to target not only those who just want to buy a sticker for their vehicle, for example, but also those who want a unique product.

So you make your target audience increase several fold. And it’s logical because nowadays stickers are widely used all over the world: they are in a high demand among entrepreneurs as well.

Although you can be sure that selling pre-set stickers is a profitable business idea, if you provide your customers with an option of creating unique stickers, this is going to be your gold mine!

Trending products to sell

Certainly, if you want to get a smooth start in dropshipping stickers, you should know for sure what exactly to sell in your online store.

Actually, if you resell stickers, you are likely to know that there are lots of different stickers: wall stickers, vehicle stickers, nail stickers, etc.

What to choose and focus on? And the point is that it’s up to you since the majority of these product categories have the same capacities. Meanwhile, nothing stops you from dropshipping all the types of stickers!

Stationery stickers


Let’s speak about regular small-sized post-its. They are mostly interesting to teens who buy them for their notebooks, diaries, etc. In practice, they don’t cost a lot, that’s why they are extremely popular worldwide.

Decorative stickers

profitable business niche

Online stores often separate decorative stickers from stationery ones. Probably, decorative stickers are the same things but designed for a wider audience.

Toy stickers


It’s all easy with toy stickers: as a rule, stickers with cartoon characters are in a strong demand nowadays! Just take a look at the number orders. Great, isn’t it?

Wall stickers

resell post-its

Lots of people are looking for ways to decorate their homes, work spaces, etc. That’s why wall stickers are so popular nowadays!

Vehicle stickers

motorcycle stickers

Well, if we are speaking about vehicle stickers, this is a lot more interesting. The point is that car and motorcycle stickers can serve two functions: decoration and protection. Some people even use stickers in order to hide some vehicle defects. And since these stickers are mainly sold at a very low price, you should definitely consider them when dropshipping stickers!

Custom stickers

unique stickers

And here is one of the most interesting types of post-its – it’s custom stickers!

Certainly, you are supposed to dropship increasingly popular stickers on the market for the maximum benefit. It’s already your bid for success. But how to make the most of your sticker dropshipping business?

So we would recommend you consider the option of custom stickers. Actually, there are lots of suppliers who are ready to print stickers with your own designs.

How does it work? In practice, your customers provide you with the designs for their stickers, choose the size, and the number of stickers required. Please note that if you deal with custom stickers, there is such a thing as minimum order quantity (MOQ).

It means that your customers will not be able to order 1-3 stickers. Meanwhile, they don’t have to purchase several thousands of them. So you need to find a supplier with minimum order quantity, that’s it!

How to focus on the long-term benefit?

Actually, dropshipping stickers implies dealing with hot products and a broad target audience. But what if you need more benefits? In fact, if you dropship stickers, it’s quite possible!

If you have successfully started dropshipping stickers, expanded your business and you’re ready to make the most of it, feel free to consider the subscription business model.

The point is that dropshipping stickers fits the subscription business model perfectly. For example, you can target cartoon fans, etc. And each week, these fans will receive stickers with one of their favorite cartoon characters from you. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

If you successfully launch the subscription business model in your online store, you can easily set a course for a long-term development and get a stable source of high income. So what else do you need?

How to dropship stickers right: final takeaway

If you think about starting your own profitable business, we highly recommend you consider dropshipping stickers.

As you can see, if you dropship stickers, there are lots of opportunities for you. You can work with pre-set stickers from reliable suppliers, or let your customers create their own unique stickers. And this is great when you let people create something unique, isn’t it?

Moreover, you can easily launch a subscription business model with sticker dropshipping and get a long-term benefit. Doesn’t it sound tempting?

It turns out, dropshipping stickers is a highly promising niche with its unique features. Well, do you want to start a profitable ecommerce business with 100% ownership? Then, it’s high time to dropship stickers!

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How To Dropship Handbags And Where To Source Them: Market Insights

Do you want to create an absolutely cool online store? Are you looking for a promising and increasingly popular niche for your business? Then, it’s a great idea to dropship handbags!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an ecommerce newcomer or experienced entrepreneur, it’s always a bit challenging to choose a niche for your online store. What’s more, you are supposed to pay lots of attention to this aspect since it’s choosing a niche at an early stage that determines the success of your business later.

In fact, there are lots of niches in ecommerce. It’s up to you to sell pencils or technically complex devices for a highly specialized industry. However, WE are looking for a niche that is the easiest to start, most profitable to run, and SUPERB to provide your potential customers with product range, right?

And today we are going to present to you one of the best ecommerce niches in 2020. It’s all about dropshipping handbags!

Is it really profitable to dropship handbags?

There are lots of increasingly popular and promising niches such as smart home electronics, pet products, etc.

So why should you start dropshipping handbags RIGHT NOW?

You have definitely paid attention to the fact what bags are sold in offline stores and how much they cost. And here come the reasons why dropshipping handbags is going to be profitable.

  • Price

As a rule, bags cost a lot in offline stores. And we are not speaking about the ones made of leather. Even leatherette bags can cost too much in a regular store.

That’s why consumers often prefer to buy bags online. In fact, original prices of leatherette bags are not as high. It’s due to the fact that high-quality materials are available on the market, meanwhile, at a low price.

Beyond this, if adding such an item to your online store, it’s going to be lower than the ones in offline stores even with a markup. So it remains for you to choose the most demanded products and sell them. However, we will talk about it a bit later.

  • Quality

Sometimes, offline stores can offer you an extremely expensive product even if it’s of poor quality. Why does this happen? Actually, offline store owners have to pay rent, wages, keep items in stock, etc.

That’s why they have no other choice but to sell low-quality products at high prices. Otherwise, their businesses will not pay off.

However, if you’re going to dropship handbags, it will be different for you!

You don’t have to pay rent, wages, etc. It’s even not necessary to purchase products in advance and be afraid that nobody will buy them. Due to the dropshipping business model, all you need to do is to import the product info into your online store. When somebody places an order on your website, you will order it from your supplier, and that’s it!

That’s why you’re not supposed to risk anything. Meanwhile, your hands are not tied, and you don’t need to sell low-quality products at high prices. So choose only products made of premium materials from time-tested suppliers, and your customers will be grateful to you.

  • Product range

Again, the product range in offline stores is usually strictly limited because a store owner has to keep items in stock. In case of dropshipping handbags, there are no limitations for you!

You only import products into your online store and that’s it! That’s why the product range of your online store can be a lot wider. What’s more, it doesn’t cost anything for you to add only premium products to your online store, and sell them at good prices!

Well, do you still have any questions on profitability of dropshipping handbags? If you don’t, let’s speak about particular types of bags to dropship and make the most of your ecommerce venture!

How to dropship handbags: strategy, products, suppliers

When starting to dropship handbags, it’s essential to pay attention to several important aspects.

Dropship handbags: the best strategy

We recommend that you start to dropship leatherette bags. It’s due to a number of reasons.

First of all, genuine leather bags have a high initial price. For you as a business owner, it means that it’s not so profitable to deal with them.

Moreover, it’s very challenging to find suppliers who can provide you with genuine leather bags. In most cases, you can find bags made of leatherette. However, suppliers are highly likely to claim that they sell only genuine leather bags.

What’s more, nowadays there is a growing segment of people who are concerned about ethical consumerism. And in case of dropshipping leatherette bags, you can easily target them!

So it’s more lucrative to deal with leatherette bags. If you find reliable suppliers, you will easily provide your customers with high-quality leatherette bags that look just like the genuine ones.

Dropship handbags: trending products

Well, what particular types of bags are the best to dropship?

Actually, there are lots of different bags on the market. And most of them are promising in terms of dropshipping. First of all, pay attention to the handbags themselves.


dropship handbags

However, you should not consider handbags only. You can also sell backpacks, crossbody bags, briefcases, etc.

Top handle bags

dropship handbags


dropship clutches



Shoulder bags

shoulder bags

Evening bags

dropship handbags



Crossbody bags

crossbody bags

How to Dropship handbags: choosing your suppliers

Well, you also need the list of time-tested dropshipping suppliers in order to resell only high-quality products.

But where to find them? Fortunately, AliDropship is glad to provide you with a large database of trusted suppliers, bestsellers, and most promising niches – it’s AliDropship Insights!

ATTENTION: your access to Insights from AliDropship is FREE, so hurry up to use priceless information from the database for your business growth!

So meet reliable bags suppliers and don’t forget to swipe right!


Do you want to see more suppliers? Then, feel free to use Insights from AliDropship. It’s absolutely free-of-charge!

Before you start to dropship handbags: final thoughts on how to make the most of your store

If you are an ecommerce newcomer and you’re looking for a promising niche to start your own profitable business, or if you are an experienced entrepreneur who just wants to expand your business, it’s high time to start to dropship handbags!

Dropshipping handbags is, actually, a highly-converting business idea since it has lots of advantages:

  • Low initial price = high markup
  • High-quality products made of leatherette
  • Huge amount of products on the market = wide product range in your store

And so on, and so forth. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Well, do you already have an online store or you are just looking for a way to start your business with 100% OWNERSHIP? In fact, it doesn’t matter since if you dropship handbags, you’re highly likely to succeed!

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